A new HR system collects an increasing amount of information

Työntekijät istuvat toimiston portaikossa kannettavat tietokoneet sylissään.
Photo: Jussi Hellsten.

As part of creating a digital roadmap for the HR systems, we also acquired an HR and financial management solution, Sarastia365, which includes functionalities required in the lifecycle management of employment contracts and payroll services. 

The preparations for the system’s implementation began in November. Initially, it served as an HR and financial management solution. It will remain as our payroll solution alongside a more extensive HR management system, which will be introduced later.   

The current system, HIJAT, will stay in use until Sarastia365’s launch.   

We have been further developing the success management system Onni, commissioned at the start of the year, when providing induction and utilising the skills across the entire City. 

The Service Paths of Supervisors’ HR Work project assessed the supervisors’ daily routines and needs with regard to HR management, and, based on these, identified elements in the HR systems and the work in general that require urgent improvement, as well as formulating a vision for the development work.