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This page contains information about the julkaisut.hel.fi website, the cookies used by the website, the processing of personal data and the right to use the content.

Site overview

Julkaisut.hel.fi is a website of the City of Helsinki where you can find publications produced by the city.

This website contains publications with an ISBN or an ISSN, serial publications and other important publications edited by the city that are meant for public distribution and will remain available on the publications site long-term. E.g. environmental reports and various other reports, annual reports, school health surveys and the city's budget and financial statement can be found on the site.
The site also has a section for the Helsinki-lehti magazine. There are no forms, brochures or equivalent documents in PDF format on the site.

A separate archive for PDF publications published before 2020 is available on the website.

Cookies on the julkaisut.hel.fi website

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For more information about the cookie settings, see the cookies used on the julkaisut.hel.fi website.

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More information about data protection and the rights of the data subject

More information about the processing of personal data and the rights of the data subject is available on the City of Helsinki’s data protection page.

More information about accessibility

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Reference to the source is sufficient for using text content

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