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Land use and planning review 2024

Published on 26.6.2024

Old and new Helsinki residents need homes, services, recreational areas and functional transport connections. This publication features information about the planning and projects related to urban environment, which are topical…
Illustration of the preliminary plans for Kätilöopisto.

Bicycle Account 2023

Published on 4.6.2024

The Bicycle Account 2023 is the fifth in a series of publications covering trends in cycling, resident opinions, cycling projects and cycling services in Helsinki. The first Bicycle Account was…
 A cyclist in the city in a checkered outfit with a beanie on her head.

Carbon-neutral Helsinki Action plan. Update 2024

Published on 3.6.2024

Helsinki has set a target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, attaining carbon zero status by 2040 and aiming to become carbon-negative afterwards. In Helsinki, the most significant sources of direct…
Aerial view of Ullanlinna, the picture shows art nouveau buildings and courtyards.

Multispecies city

Published on 19.12.2023

The City of Helsinki aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030, carbon zero by 2040, and thereaftercarbon-negative. The Helsinki City Strategy requires that a scenario review is carried out in order…
Picture of Vallisaari in summer, passenger ferry in the background.

Underground spaces to visit in Helsinki

Published on 31.5.2023

Helsinki’s underground spaces have been of increasing international interest. Requests for visits come almost daily to the author of this brochure alone. At the same time, safety regulations for underground…
Graphical cover page with Helsinki logo

Helsinki UNESCO City of Design Report 2019—2022

Published on 31.1.2023

This report was prepared by the City of Helsinki for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a Membership Monitoring Report to present the activities of Helsinki as a City of…
Helsinki UNESCO City of Design Report 2019—2022 cover

The City of Helsinki's Annual Report 2021

Published on 22.6.2022

The City of Helsinki's Annual Report brings together the year 2021 in Helsinki. The Annual Report contains the message from the Mayor and and City Manager's review. In addition, the…
Annual Report Helsinki.

Land use and planning review 2022

Published on 1.1.2022

In the future, Helsinki will become a more densely built city of distinctive districts, which also treasures its valuable natural environment. This publication features information about the planning and projects…
Renewals planned for Sörnäistenranta. © Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy