Guide for newcomers

Published on 25.11.2021

THE CAPITAL REGION´S one-stop-shop for new arrivals to the country, International House Helsinki (IHH), has put together a helpful guide that answers all of your questions about living in the Helsinki area. The Newcomer’s Guide explains the process of moving to Finland and provides the necessary background information on living and working in the capital and its surroundings.

“I wish I had the Newcomer’s Guide when I moved to Helsinki from California five years ago,” says IHH’s new communications specialist Vejay Nair. “It is a comprehensive source of helpful information on many things associated with day-to-day life in Finland’s capital area.”

Whether you need help finding a flat, want to start studying Finnish or Swedish, or are interested in learning more about Finnish customs and quirks, the Newcomer’s Guide is the place to look. Bookmark it online so you can refer to it anytime: